Vikings: War of Clans

  • MMO Vikings: War of Clans

Join millions of players from all around the globe and fight for power against worthy opponents!

Vikings: War of Clans is an MMO strategy game that has taken over the planet! 

Playable in your browser, or available in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, War of Clans is a fresh new approach to the strategic base building/MMO warfare genre of games that have positively exploded onto mobile devices everywhere.


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The thematic world of Vikings has been artistically realized through a great visual style, packed with excellent 3D visuals for a gorgeous presentation. Pair this with a fully immersive soundtrack and you’re immediately transported into the world that feels alive as you build your own empire upon it.

Just look closer at the finer details of people walking around and doing their everyday business – working in mines, forges and just bustling around town. It all builds to one of the more convincing worlds I’ve ever seen in this genre of games.

war of clans

But I digress – presentation is only one alluring aspect of this game. Your experience of Vikings: War of Clans kicks off with a thorough tutorial of all the enticing gameplay elements you are letting yourself in for. It turns out this addictive kingdom-building game has an incredible amount of depth, equivalent to that risky deep end of the pool you avoided during childhood.

You inherit the role of Jaul, the leader of your own soon-to-be Kingdom, and you begin building your town, searching the area for resources and building your own formidable army. At a glance, it’s easy to be fooled by its simplicity, but look deeper and you’ll see a progression system that requires a great amount of attention and care, as you have to strategically plan the growth of your empire.

But then your perspective of the world is blown out of proportion, as you’re introduced to the Global Map view and see just how vast and fully populated the world is with engaging players. Each town has its own set of coordinates, which you can use (or other players can use) to find everyone else and take over the world through means of either diplomacy or war.

While you will spend most of your time in town view, training troops, gather knowledge, defend from oncoming attackers and a wealth of other quest-based tasks, Global Map is where you’re welcomed to the multiple progression paths through your time in this world.

Combat is automated and hands-off, perfect for gaming on the go. Just pick a town, assign the number of troops to overwhelm their stats and get to it. It can be overwhelming doing so on your own, so be prepared to join clans as you get further into developing your Kingdom!

So should you play this game? 

War of Clans is one of the most visually polished browser-based/mobile games and has the deep game play to match. If you love online games, you should definitely try it. 




Vikings: War of Clans
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