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Strategy MMO Game – The brand-new free-to-play strategy browser game Forge of Empires has literally turned the gaming scene on its head. Within the first eight weeks, one million users had already registered for the real-time strategy game for the chance to build their own medieval empire. We couldn’t ignore the hype and have tested the game out for ourselves. Here is our report…

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Game Concept

Exciting Changes in Eras:

Just like in the well-known Age of Empires series, in Forge of Empires you begin in the Stone Age and only have a few buildings and units at your disposal. By completing missions and researching new technology, you can quickly progress to the next historical era. With each new age, your empire changes its appearance. Buildings become more modern and advanced and the citizens become more civilised. You, of course, also have access to new units, buildings, research options and missions with each new era. With each new era you must focus on making your empire as powerful as possible, able to compete not only economically and militarily but also technologically.

Hungry Citizens and Diligent Workers:

As the head of your empire you are responsible for each and every task. Your people need to have regular access to nutrition and living space, as they could otherwise stop paying taxes or emigrate to neighbouring empires. There is another advantage to having happy inhabitants: They increase the speed of research and production. As the research of new technology, production, trade, military and unit development are all vital for progression in Forge of Empires, it becomes more and more important to pay attention to just how content your citizens are.

Teamwork and Trade:

If you are wanting to progress a little bit quicker in the free-to-play strategy browser game Forge of Empires, you have the option of forming alliances, or rather guilds, with other players. By doing so, you also have the ability to help or get help from other players in times of needspeed up the construction of industrial buildings and establish trade links. These alliances aren’t only for protection and trade, but allies can also be called upontosupport you in fighting other players and guilds, as well as taking over new cities or whole continents. Of course, it’s also a lot more fun to play together and get connected with other like-minded players.

Heroes, Adventures and Quests:

Alongside these features, the strategy browser game Forge of Empires offers a very extensive quest system. Enter into countless adventures, defeat bandits in the wilderness or conquer areas and natural resources together with your heroes. There is a specially made quest map for this very reason. This map shows the continent, where your empire is based and the surrounding areas, which you have already discovered. Bit by bit you can add additional areas to your empire and finally even take over whole continents. What’s particularly exciting about this feature are the encounters with bandits. These take place in a kind of grid map, just like the one seen in the classic strategy games like Heroes of Might and Magic.

Special Features

  • Historical Eras: Progress through different eras and enjoy the constantly changing appearance of your buildings and units
  • Countless Possibilities: Build hundreds of unique buildings, units and wonders and research new technologies and upgrades
  • Exciting Quests: Experience exciting adventures with your hero in countless missions and find a diverse range of helpful items along the way
  • Regular Updates: Regular events and updates within the game (e.g. Holiday and Festive events) make sure you never get bored
  • Free-to-play: Play the game for free with thousands of other players and choose how you want to lead your empire


The Bottom Line

We’ve made our decision. The free-to-play strategy browser game Forge of Empires is without a doubt one of the best and extensive strategy games, which there currently is on the market. The already well-known game studios InnoGames has produced yet another hit, after releasing such classics as Tribal Wars and Grepolis. It’s not just luck that Forge of Empires was nominated for MMO Game of the Year 2013. We can’t recommend the game highly enough to anyone who enjoys strategy browser games in an historical setting.

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Forge of Empires
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