Elvenar – A lovely place to settle and rule!

Fantasy Browser MMO – Games in which you are responsible for a city or settlement have always been something we really enjoyed playing. With Elvenar, a brand new free to play fantasy browser MMO from InnoGames, we finally managed to get our hands on one of the most promising titles this year. We tried out the Beta and here is our report.

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Game concept

Elvenar is a free-to-play fantasy browser MMO in which you are responsible for the well-being of the citizens within your settlement. Either by playing as a human or elf, you are in charge of the whole settlement. Distribute your scarce resources in order to build a thriving economy, explore the hidden areas around your settlement and discover dangers and riches alike. By finding the balance between economic and military expansion, you have it in your hands to become the most successful governor in Elvenar.

The basics of economy:

In Elvenar it’s all about your resources. Since you start out with only your Main Hall and a few coins and some basic construction materials, you have to find a way to turn your plot of land into a prospering settlement. Finding the right balance between income in the form of money, happiness of your citizens, generated supplies and the strength of your army is not an easy task. In that regard Elvenar really caught the spirit of games like The Settlers and other similar titles, since even though most of the actions take a fair chunk of time, the overall gameplay and economy building has a strong resemblance to the fathers of the city building genre.

One step ahead through technology:

Bringing a knife to a gunfight is usually bad idea and it is the same in Elvenar. Staying ahead of your opponents is as important as continuous improvements to your resource generating buildings and unit producing structures. To be able to do so, you will eventually have to research new technologies, such as the secrets to process steel, which will allow you to cast steel bolts for your crossbowmen, powerful military units that have specialized in ranged warfare. The same applies for your economy. New technologies will eventually lead to a significant boost of your overall production and therefore allow more investments for your military operations. The options seemed countless, since the complete tech-tree in Elvenar contained dozens of different options for potential upgrades.

Explore the world, acquire relics:

Another key feature of Elvenar comes with the exploration of your surroundings. By sending scouts out into the wild you will eventually find other players and other points of interest on your world map. By visiting each of these locations, you get the opportunity to acquire certain relics and resources, both needed to improve your settlement. Unfortunately these relics are often guarded by monsters and unless you basically bribe those fiends, you will have to fight them in order to obtain the relic. If you decide to fight them, you get the options to manually fight it out or just by letting the computer take over. Usually it is a better idea to fight it out manually, since as soon as you got the hang of it, you will find ways to minimize your own losses while taking out your rivals.

Special Features of Elvenar

  • Free-to-Play fantasy browser MMO: Elvenar is absolutely free to play – Just sign up once and you are good to go directly in your web browser.
  • Economy management: Manage the economy of your settlement and lead your people to prosperity.
  • Research advanced technology: Unlock powerful technologies that will help you to further improve your army and your economy alike.
  • Explore the world: You never know what you will find. Explore the world of Elvenar and find hidden relics and devious beast that try to stand in your way.

The Bottom Line

The free to play fantasy browser MMO Elvenar is a game that has this very unique soothing touch. You play it, listening to the relaxing music and while you rearrange the layout of your settlement, you completely forget the time. A characteristic feature of a good game actually and that is what Elvenar definitely is – a good game. Even though it is still in its Beta, you get the idea of what the game will look like once it’s completely done. Especially in terms of its tech tree you get the impression that Elvenar will be a game that could beplayed for ages- especially if you are looking to build the perfect settlement. For many other the game has the potential to be that kind of game in which you login occasionally, checking for the well-being of your people, while waiting for the next upgrade to happen.

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