Build up your magical city in the online city-builder Elvenar, choose between Elves and Humans and discover an enchanting world.

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Elvenar is a magical game set in a fantasy location. It gives you a small land that you will build upon, turning it into a kingdom that will dominate in all ways. Whether you are elf or human, the wonders that await you are astonishing.

You will never want to leave this kingdom of yours, ruling it for as long as you can. You brought it up from a simple village, your people live here, and it is everything that you want. Any fan of city builder games will want to take a step into the fantastical and the unbelievable with this game.


Choose between elf and human in Elvenar. If you choose elf, you will have greater magical strengths. This will show in nearly everything that you do and see. Magic will play a vital role in your success and growth as a kingdom. For humans, you will have greater mastery of medieval weapons.

The weapons that you use to battle, to protect the kingdom, are far more effective and reliable. Your choice here will determine your kingdom so choose wisely. You want something that will allow you to have the kingdom that you want in nearly every way. With the right option, you will have the perfect society.


Once you have your race chosen, you can start to build. You will have a small village in the beginning. It is not much, of course, but you do not start with an immense fortress or kingdom. You have to start with nothing to experience the joy that comes with any city builder. The village here is simple and you will have access to everything that you need to start building. Follow the steps and begin building up. Build, build, and build some more until there is nothing else that you can build.

The kingdom that you will build in Elvenar is magnificent. The small buildings that you have in the beginning are available for upgrades, you can improve the visuals, and you can continue adding on to this land. The little pieces of buildings and land that you have at first become immense.


They start to grow into a true kingdom, one that you would expect in any fantasy story. With the differences between races, you can build your kingdom up multiple times and have a few differences that keep it interesting. Have fun with it and see what you can create with everything that is available.

There is a lot more for you to do throughout Elvenar, too. You can explore the land around your kingdom to find relics and to see what is in the surrounding area. This is a great experience that will help you to push your society forward and find new items hidden around the game. You can also start quests that will allow you to explore. These quests will keep you focused as you play. They offer various benefits along with being entertaining, as well. All of this makes for a more detailed, exciting gaming experience.



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