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Game Concept

Cuisine Royale is a classic Battle Royal title. As such you spawn in with a bunch of other people in a huge arena like environment, which will continuously become smaller and smaller, forcing players to move up and eventually engage in combat with others. The winner is the last remaining survivor. Collecting weapons, equipment and armor is the key to success and only those that manage to position themselves correctly, know which fights they can take and which they better avoid, have a realistic chance at becoming the sole survivor in Cuisine Royale.

Welcome to Hell’s Kitchen:

So, maybe a bit of a word of warning before we start. Originally, Cuisine Royale started as a joke. We’re not kidding. This game started out as an April’s fool’s joke for the game Enlisted but became so successful in such short time, that the developers decided to turn it into a full game. A short while later we’re playing a Battle Royale that turned the genre upside down. While you’re still out there, shooting other players in order to be the last survivor – in this game you do it while wearing household items. Put a pot on your head, a pan on your back and maybe an IV bag while you’re at it. Also there is no waiting around, because the game cut the prolonged setup phase and drops you and up to 30 other players right into the world. From there on onwards the looting, the shooting and the crazy kitchen warfare ensues.

All pans intended:

So when everyone is wearing pans, colanders and cooking pots as helmets, what else is there?
Well, for example the backpacks that you usually carry in other battle royale games are swapped out for shopping or tote bags – how fancy. By the time your character is fully geared, you look pretty much like a hobo in underwear that has strapped more than five pans and pots onto his or her body while carrying your Chanel bag full of ammunition. To top all this off map drops with high end loot are also a thing in Cuisine Royale but as you might imagine, they have also been altered in the corresponding way. Huge refrigerators are occasionally dropping from the sky, providing weaponry or buffs for the daring player who takes the risk of opening one of these highly sought after items.

Wacky, but not whack:

Despite all the wackiness that we saw when playing Cuisine Royale, deep down it is still a competitive Battle Royale game. You notice that for example when wearing all these “armor” items. Pots, colanders and whatnot are clunky, loud and will eventually give away your position to other players. Those who decide to carry all this additional protection will do that at a price. Aside from that the gunplay and the action itself is absolutely solid. This game might look like a joke but in terms of gameplay it sure doesn’t make any. Its fast, its competitive and its fun.

Special Features of Cuisine Royale

  • Free-to-play: Just sign up once and you are good to go. Cuisine Royale is absolutely free-to-play.
  • Hell’s Kitchen: Get your pan ready and prepare yourself for a fast-paced Battle Royale unlike any other.
  • All pans intended: Collected household items and equip your character with bulletproof cooking pots, tote bags and other crazy items that will help you to dominate the battleground.
  • Wacky, but not whack: Cuisine Royale might look goofy but the overall gameplay is rock solid and lives up to the standards of the genre.

The Bottom Line

When a joke goes too far it’s usually not a good thing but in this case we’re glad this joke went absolutely overboard. Otherwise we wouldn’t have played this little gem and honestly, we would’ve missed it. Cuisine Royale, despite all its wackiness, love it or hate it, is a pretty solid shooter that surpasses quite of the few of the similar titles – and most of those didn’t start as a joke, but ended as one. Giving this game a try is something we can absolutely recommend and we’re pretty sure that you won’t regret it.


Cuisine Royale
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