Cloud Pirates

Cloud Pirates is an action MMO in which you deck out your airship with weaponry and fire your cannons to crush the enemy in fast-paced aerial battles!

A thousand years prior, the universe of Sarnaut was split part by an upheaval into hundreds of floating islands through the Astral space. After a short time, individuals built flying boats to venture out from island to island, and discovered ancient rarities and fortunes everywhere. Treasure seekers started to form squadrons, and outfitted their vessels with different weaponry to secure themselves in their chase for wealth. Groups of Cloud Pirates, as individuals called them, battled each other for the privilege to loot the skies… Ready your aircraft, gather as one with your friends in arms, and claim what is yours! For honor and glory!


Take command of your own aircraft and explore the mists to fight enemy captains in strategic group battles. Navigate the skies by avoiding adversary volleys, utilizing brave moves and superior weaponry. Burst through sci-fi dream combat zones in your best in class airship and turn into an incredible Cloud Pirate!


As you advance, you will access huge amounts of exceptional redesigns and weapons that will give your aircraft new effective capacities. Give your boats a fearsome and destructive appearance through various visual customization choices, and build up your commander and team. Turned them into the scourge of the skies!


Build a squadron and participate with other cloud privateers in key fights. Play to your strengths: join your capabilities to overpower the foe, or essentially defeat them by beating alternate skippers to the catch point or plunder. Modify your group technique for each diversion mode!


Would you rather be in the fight steering a powerful Dreadnought, or mount the expert sharpshooter's perch in a light Galleon? Try different tactics and shock your foes in each fight with new strategies. Pick the part that suits your play style best, change elevation at the correct minute and hide when required. A shrewd skipper leaves nothing to risk!
Cloud Pirates
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