Armored Warfare

Armored Warfare is a fast-paced explosive tank game that will have you on the edge of your seat. Collect cool tanks and use complex strategies to win!

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If you have ever wanted to jump into the driving seat of a giant metal war machine, then Armored Warfare is the perfect game for you. There are hundreds of tanks based on real world fighting machines in this tank game. Tanks including the iconic Challenger 2 or M1 Abrams tank.

Armored Warfare is a war-based MMO, where you have to prove your skills on the battlefield after choosing your vehicle. Strategy and tactics play a massive role when it comes to claiming victory over your enemies, which is made all the more easier by having some friends willing to help out. The final release date of the game isn’t known right now, but the game is currently in open beta can can be downloaded for free.

Modern Military Hardware

Any action game fan that is familiar with games like World of Tanks or Tanki Online will feel right at home when playing Armored Warfare. The game throws you straight into the action with other real-world players. The game features hundreds of steel giants from across the globe, and there are five different classes to choose from in the game. No matter what your style of play is like, Armored Warfare has got you covered.

  • Main Battle Tanks: These are the backbone of any team, and they have heavy armor and high firepower. These are perfect for someone that likes to be right on the front lines of the battle.
  • Light Tanks: These are agile and nimble scouts, best used for flanking opponents and accurate firepower.
  • Tank Destroyers: These do exactly what it says on the heavily armored tin. They are fast and are able to take down heavy tanks with ease.
  • Armored Fighting Vehicles: The AFVs are also excellent at scouting for the rest of their team. They boast a high view range, and can spot tanks for their bigger brothers on the battlefield to destroy.
  • Self-Propelled Guns: The SPGs are the artillery pieces on the battlefield. These vehicles are perfect for players that prefer a supporting role, and can back up their team from afar.

As you play through Armored Warfare, you will gather experience and resources that you can use to purchase even more powerful tanks. Remember, not everybody starts out as an experienced tank commander; even the professionals had to start somewhere! There are ten different tiers of tanks, ranging from small vehicles, to the mighty tier 10 T-14 Armata. The development team behind Armored Warfare are continuously adding new tanks and content. There’s never a dull moment when online in the free-to-play game.

Multiple Game-Modes

Armored Warfare features both PvP and also co-op missions against computer controlled players. Normally in PvE missions, the computer players can be easy to beat, and are used as training; Armored Warfare does this completely differently. You’re going to need just as much tactical skill and strategic prowess to overcome some of the harder computer opponents. Each mission is called a “contract” and rewards you for your efforts in completing the objective, which could be to capture an area, destroy a supply drop, or defeat enemy forces. The co-op missions are a perfect way to get used to a new tank, or to practice coordination with your friends and team-mates online. Of course in an online game like Armored Warfare, there’s also the chance to go head-to-head with real players to prove yourself as the best commander in the game.

Massive MMO Battles

The battles in Armored Warfare allow up to 30 individual players at one time, this means that the online battles can get very hectic and fast-paced. Once you have had some practice at commanding your tank, you will be tearing around the massive multiplayer maps raining destruction down on your enemies. The matchmaking system makes sure that each team is filled with evenly skilled players, so everybody has a fair chance at winning.

If you’re the type of player that loves to play with friends, then you can put together a Battalion or Platoon. Invite of some of your thrill-seeking buddies to take on other teams in Armored Warfare. The battalions can have up to 100 players in the same organization, and members can have their own personalized logo and motto to show off to others in the game.

If this free-to-play tank game seems like your kind of thing, then click the button below and head over to the official website to get online in Armored Warfare today!

Armored Warfare
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