Argo is a free to play tactical open world first person shooter being developed and published by Bohemia Interactive for PC. It was released on 22 June 2017. The game is available on Steam for free.



Argo Review:

You start out as a mercenary working under any of the two factions in this game, namely Clouds and Flames. However, Both the factions have a distinctive appearance so you can differentiate between friends or foes. As you level up, you gain Skill Pointsand Currency. The skill points can be used to unlock a skill and the currency can be used to buy equipment of the respective skillset.

The game takes place in Malden, a 62 km² Mediterranean island. The map is fit for any game mode and features a lot of urban and huge plain areas for short to long ranged combat. The game also consists of a powerful in-game Map Editor which allows you to create your own maps. It can also be used to create custom missions, making the game playable for longer times.

The game consists of 3 competitive modes and 1 co-op mode. In fact, The competitive game modes are a 5v5 PVP mode. The three modes are ClashLink, and Raid. The co-op mode is called Combat Patrol. In Combat Patrol, you are part of a 10 man team. You fight against AI and complete objectives. Due to procedural generation of AI and randomly generated objectives, this mode does not seem as much repetitive.


Feel free to browse our gallery of in-game screenshots taken at ultra settings!

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